About Us

Global Imaging specializes in the design and installation of completely
automated UNIX and LINUX-based weather and environmental satellite ground
systems. The company presently manufactures and sells a complete line of
hardware and software for receiving data from all of the world’s geostationary
and polar orbiting weather satellites. Company hardware products include
antenna and pedestal structures, integrated LNA/Feed and downconverters,
satellite receivers, and bit/frame synchronizers for L, S, and X-band
transmissions. Software includes programs for data ingest, data processing,
data distribution, and data viewing.

Global Imaging’s worldwide clientele include the Anchorage, Monterey, Honolulu,
and Guam offices of the National Weather Service, the National Environmental
Satellite Data and Information Service, the National Hurricane Center, the
National Storm Prediction Center, the National Operational Hydrologic Remote
Sensing Center, and NASA’s Johnson Space Flight Center. International
customers include Meteo France in Noumea and Tahiti, the Central Weather
Bureaus of Mexico, Japan, and Brazil, and the Japanese Aeronautical
Exploration Agency.